Installation Guide For RF Equilibrium


1. Run RF_EQG_Setup.exe
2. Install the game in C:/EQG/RFOnline/
3. Follow the instructions for the installer
4. Your installation is now complete!
5. Now if we have patches (look above), run all the patches in proper order (first v1.0.0, second v2.0.0 and etc)!
6. Now register a game account (GAME IS NOT THE SAME AS FORUM!) at RF Equilibrium - Game CP - Register
7. And you should be done Just login with your game account. Simple as that

If you are using the torrent, add the peer: for faster speeds!
Also, add the tracker for more seeds!
It has to be on a new line, with a empty line in between each tracker

ĀµTorrent is recommended for your torrent downloads!

Switching from Parts to Torrent

1. No Instructions Yet

My client is corrupt! It won't install

1. For this, simply make sure you have the latest .Net FrameWork

Upgrading our Client (Too many patches?)

If when running the RF Equilibrium.exe you get the "Too many patches error" simply download the patch from our main page.
* [25/03/09] --- No Patches ---
Install the patch in your /RF Equilibrium/RF Online/ folder or any folder you had RF Online installed in

I am still getting the "Too many patches error!"

1. Try Running as Administrator
1. Right click on RF Equilibrium
2. Select "Run as Administrator"
3. On XP you might be asked to login, if so, log into your Administrator Account
2. Did not work? Try our quick fix patch
1. Download the QuickFix patch, you will need WinRAR (google it)
* --- Quick Fix No Longer Available ---
2. Extract the contents to your desktop
3. Take all the files you "extracted", copy and paste them in your /RF Online/ folder
4. When asked, say YESto Replace All. If you were not asked, you're putting it in the wrong folder
3. Still not working? Try changing your timezone
1. On your taskbar, right click your clock (time)
2. Select Adjust Date/Time
3. For Vista, click Change Timezone
4. For XP, click the Timezone tab
5. In the drop down menu, select the timezone: GMT - 6 Central Time (US & Canada)
4. If it still does not work, you'll hate me but try this; Uninstall and change you're timezone
1. Uninstall your game
2. Then do step #3 of this guide for the "too many patches issue"
3. Once that is done, Re-install the game
4. You do not need to use the Patch v3.2.0 & v3.2.1 for Client v1.5
5. Extract and install the QuickFix.rar
5. Still not working!?
1. If your client is still not working, make sure you
* Downloaded our client, from our website
* You are not using a 2.1.5 client from RF PH or RF CM
* You have completely patched your client with our latest patches (read up)
* You are making the patches in the correct folder

Patch vx.x.x is "corrupted"! It won't run

1. If you're Patch vx.x.x says its "corrupted" when your run it, simply download the manual patch:
* --- No Patch Available ---
2. Extract all contents of this file (EXTRACT!) into /RF Equilibrium/RF Online/
3. When asked to "Replace all" say YES
4. Once that is done, just run the RF Equilibrium.exe launcher

Using other server's clients

1. Technically this should work, if you want to try this please download our latest patch from the main page (under the patch category)
2. Make sure your client meets the following requirements
* Is a 2.1.6 client (CodeMasters and RF PH clients will not work)
* Has hackshield
* Does not have any modded textures
3. Set the installation path to the /RF Online/ folder of your previous server and run the installer
4. Download our launcher:
* --- No Launchers Available ---
5. Place the Launcher in the /RF Online/ folder (same folder where RF_Online.bin is)
6. Run RF Equilibrium.exe and run through all the new patches.
7. If you experience errors after doing this, please download our client and do a fresh install.

Still having problems! HELP!

1. Well this is a static guide unfortunately, so I can't help! However, we got a great community so please post in the Technical Support forum for any help
* Technical Support - RF Equilibrium