RF Online Quick leveling guide for Cora

Quick leveling guide for Cora

The most important thing in any MMO is to have friends playing with you. Make new friends by being polite, mature, and kind. Spammers will never make friends. You will never get into parties or make friends if you do this:

"Party plz"
"Party plz"
"Party plz"
"Party plz"
"Fuck your all"

Instead, you can do this:

First count how many people are in the party. If there isn't 8 people then ask:
"Hi, is there a spot available in your party? May I join please?"
If it's full:
"When there's a spot available, can I get an invite please?"

Ok, the real guide:

1-10 = Right outside Cora HQ on Flems and such
10-15 = West side of Outpost, right outside
15-20 = East side of Outpost, right outside
20-25 = Dark Plains going from west side of outpost (Lizards and Ace Ops Lava)
25-30 = Right outside numerous or haram
30-35 = King Tweezers at Dark Plains, Numerous, or Haram
35-40 = Right outside Cora Wharf in Ether doing passer alphas, body pull to safe spot because they assist each other if you hit them.
40-45 = Callianas in ether (you're going to get ganked a lot, but put up with it and find a nice little cubby hole to do one calliana at a time)
45-49 = Try to get into TC4 parties at VS. This is where friends come in handy. You can get from 45 to 49 in Volcanic Cauldron also, but it's not as safe.
49-50 = Red Haired Splinters in Beast Mountain.
50-55 = Cartella Lab

at level 51, you can also go to outcast land. It's a lot slower but a lot safer.

Remember, the exp rate on this server is 30x. It's a lot faster than retail server so don't rush. Take your time and enjoy the game with friends.